War Path Engines

 Ironwigwam is now able to offer blue printing services for your sport scout engine. We have constructed a tooling plate that for establishing the correct timing of the 21 degree decks based on the location of the crank and the rear cam location. Our fixture was inspired by my fatherís recollection of how Paul Giambinnio came to Daytona in 1946 and used a similar plate to inspect the timing of the William Kellyís factory sponsored scout racer. Back then they had to file the cases to fit the template. We have come full circle here. We do the same on a Bridgeport milling machine to true the cylinder decks up to be square and in correct location to the rear cam which is very important when trying to be fast.
   Remember most of these cycles were machined using WW2 machining capabilities on WW1 machines. Plus they have more than likely been abused or mismatched thru the years.
   We fly cut the cylinder decks to remove minimal material to square them up and then take a skim bore in the cylinder spigots to true them up and put them in the correct location based on our fixture we have used trigonometry to locate the cylinder center line at the 4.875 deck height with a key way that we can find and locate from.
   Labor for this feature is $100 and can only be performed on engines with the War path pinion race. We are looking into the possibility of creating a special crank pin to accept standard pinion races on our fixture and are awaiting to see if there is enough demand.







Click for larger picture Back side of 2011 shirt$25.00
Click for larger picture Here is our new shirt design for BUB 2011, come in M,L,XL, 2XL. Shipping is included in the shirt price of $25. Gray short sleeve printed on front and back. Front side here$25.00
Click for larger picture Just finished welding two mounting lugs on a 101 transmission, It takes a lot of heat to run a nice bead like this. WE use an aluminum tool plate that has the bolt holes and pin holes installed so we can offer complete alignment after the welding is finished. We tack the legs on in position and then we grind out the crack to insure our tig gets to the heart of the problem. We like to get good penetration and this requires laying down a knit one tie two bead. 
Click for larger picture Here is a set of Murdaugh BM cam gring lobes installed on a set of 48 -53 chief cam gears ready to ship to a customer. We cut off the original lones as shown in the bottom of PIC, then blanchard ground the surface flat to the gear, honed the lobe to fit the shaft snugly so we could set the timing on our fixture to pin the lobe to gear and then weld the pin and the lobe to gear to insure no flex$350.00
Click for larger picture Here is a close up of our first set of War path cases with the bearing races installed. They have been line honed with cylinder deck plates to insure straightness and trueness to the other side. 
Click for larger picture Here is our first setr of cases with the drive race installed. This case has been line honed with the other case to insure absolutely it is in line and will be fast 
Click for larger picture Here we are plotting/measuring a set of Reid Greer 3-5 cams so we can duplicate the lobes for a 4 cam war path set-up that is currently on our bench. Measurements are taken every 2 degrees and a profile is drawn on AutoCAD for our shop to cut the cam profile to the original. Both intake and exhaust profiles are drawn and the duration is noted$100.00
Click for larger picture Here is a PIC of the new War Path engine cases having just been druilled for the oil feed hole for the drive side bearing prior to fitting the big basae style drive race in the cases. After installing the races and line honing we add a ball mill groove from the "V" to the feed hole for additional oil 
Click for larger picture Here you can see how well the War path 4 cam cover matches up to the War Path engine cases. Looks almost better than Springfields. This cover allows the use of either the iron oil pump or the aluminum oil pump. Can be machined down in thickness to fit stock cam lobes $200$200.00
Click for larger picture Here is a partial gathering of our next production run of War path cases. These are the 3rd generation revision 
Click for larger picture This is a new part produced from 8620 steel, heat treated and ground to replace the pinion race to a chief/648 style for scouts, 648 big base engines and War Path engines. This allows the crank races to be honed in line. Requires a small milling operation to be installed in stock scout cases. $100$100.00
Click for larger picture SCOUT PINION MODIFICATION FOR WARPATH PINION RACE We can now repair any Sport Scout pinion that is loose and we can replace the stock pinion race with the WAR PATH pinion race which is a direct replacement for the 648 big base pinion race. This requires removing the shoulder in the pinion area but it allows the cases to be line honed with the drive race to insure perfect alignment and the utmost horsepower efficiency. This War Path race is available for $200. The installation includes boring out of the scout case and honing hole for a .0015 to .0020 shrink fit with the new race. Then the cases are assembled with our cylinder deck plates and line honed with our special stepped thru hone for War path engines. We have capabilities of measuring and sizing our bearing races to +-.0001. You can supply your parts so we can measure or you can supply measurements for us to work by. The labor for this procedure is $250. We use Federal .0001 Bore gages calibrated to an ISO standard. $450.00
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