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We have an inventory of original and reproduction Indian racing parts. This page lists a selection, and will be updated from time to time. If there are any specific needs you have, use this information request form located Here!

Click for larger picture Evact reproduction of the Big Base Model 648 foot spools or foot rests for competition use.$250.00
Click for larger picture An inside view of the balance book 
Click for larger picture A complipation of 35 pages about balancing motorcycle engines from S+S, Virtual Indian, Indian Factory mechanical school and more. Loaded with PICS and good articles. $30.00 
Click for larger picture This is a weld on sprocket drive repair section to be used on all scout, 741 and junior scout rear wheels. Directions included or can be sentr here and let me repair your wheel. $100.00 
Click for larger picture Koslow trial run 
Click for larger picture Back side of 2011 shirt$25.00
Click for larger picture Here is our new shirt design for BUB 2011, come in M,L,XL, 2XL. Shipping is included in the shirt price of $25. Gray short sleeve printed on front and back. Front side here$25.00
Click for larger picture 1957 Bonneville Nationals Vinyl sticker, looks great anywhere $20$20.00
Click for larger picture Here is a set of Murdaugh BM cam gring lobes installed on a set of 48 -53 chief cam gears ready to ship to a customer. We cut off the original lones as shown in the bottom of PIC, then blanchard ground the surface flat to the gear, honed the lobe to fit the shaft snugly so we could set the timing on our fixture to pin the lobe to gear and then weld the pin and the lobe to gear to insure no flex$350.00
Click for larger picture Here you can see how well the War path 4 cam cover matches up to the War Path engine cases. Looks almost better than Springfields. This cover allows the use of either the iron oil pump or the aluminum oil pump. Can be machined down in thickness to fit stock cam lobes $200$200.00
Click for larger picture Socket head screws are avaibable in the 12/24 thread for your Indian cam cover. Set of 8 for scouts and a set of 12 for chiefs 
Click for larger picture This is the ultimate hi- performance accessory for your Indian cout or War Path project. This pair of dual carb cylinders are designed for stroker applications. They are longer and have a thicker base and can be bored out to 3 1/8 just as the 841 cylinders. These are custom made from billet and are a brand new welded construction, not welded on stock cylinders. Guaranteed bullet proof. Cylinders are shown on scout cases that have been modified to accept the cylinders. We can build you an engine with these cylinders if you wish.$7,500.00
Click for larger picture We can now prepare titanium valves for our War Path engines, using our own design of titanium valves that we have modified from Nascar racing stock. Here is a PIC of the first set we are doing for our streamliner using a Indian sport scout engine. As you can see the stock Bonneville Indian valve is on the left and the titanium valves are on the right . We need to part off the hardened tip to shorten the valve. Then we will tulip the bottom side and add a vortec swirl to help improve the flow over the top. We can supply your War Path engine with these light and trick goodies or your scout engine as well. Sorry will not work on Chiefs 
Click for larger picture SCOUT PINION MODIFICATION FOR WARPATH PINION RACE We can now repair any Sport Scout pinion that is loose and we can replace the stock pinion race with the WAR PATH pinion race which is a direct replacement for the 648 big base pinion race. This requires removing the shoulder in the pinion area but it allows the cases to be line honed with the drive race to insure perfect alignment and the utmost horsepower efficiency. This War Path race is available for $200. The installation includes boring out of the scout case and honing hole for a .0015 to .0020 shrink fit with the new race. Then the cases are assembled with our cylinder deck plates and line honed with our special stepped thru hone for War path engines. We have capabilities of measuring and sizing our bearing races to +-.0001. You can supply your parts so we can measure or you can supply measurements for us to work by. The labor for this procedure is $250. We use Federal .0001 Bore gages calibrated to an ISO standard. $450.00
Click for larger picture The extension is a perfect accessory for your rebuilt Linkert carb, especially if you are fortunate enough to have a Linkert restoration done by Cotten at Liberty Motorcycle Specialties (see the LSR Sponsors page for contact details for Liberty)$75.00
Click for larger picture We are currently offering to extend your Linkert or Schebler float bowl for $75 by welding a machined chamber onto your stock float bowl. We can sell the chamber itself for $30. Your stock bowl must have a slot machined into the side so your stock bowl can act as a baffle to prevent the fuel load from sloshing around. $75.00
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