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1-14-16 Here is Kevin and his cousin Dylan assembling the first lift for the #40 William Kelly big base scout that is now Kevin's to run on the street and Bonneville if he wishes.
1-14-16 Started laying out my phase inverter plate so I can run my 3 phase machinery off my house hold two leg power. Using a 15 Horse 3 phase motor so I can either run the late, CNC mill, 10HP air compressor, cylinder boring unit or any thing else that I decide I need. perhaps a cam grinder if I find the right one.
  Here is a pair of aces in my life, my youngest grandson, Brennan, the taller one and my great grandson, Mason. A great pair to watch grow up.
  Found a 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery that would make a nice transporter sitting on my 95 Ford 10 passenger bus chassis. Can't find an owner, so much for that.
11-16 My health has come back enough to finally get the cover off the streamliner and clean the shop in preparation to get busy for 2016

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