Koslo OHV Heads
Click for larger picture Here is a quick peek at a CAD drawing for part of the head 
Click for larger picture Koslow trial run 
Click for larger picture Back side of 2011 shirt$25.00
Click for larger picture Here at the Iron Wigwam, we have taken up production of the Koslo OHV heads again, and we will have the first kits ready later this year. The first version will be for Indian Scouts (101, Sport Scout, 741), and a version for Indian Chiefs will follow. Read more about Koslo OHV heads from Iron Wigwam on Virtual Indian. 
Click for larger picture In the late 1920's, a person by the name of Koslo worked for the Excelsior motorcycle company. Around 1928 he designed and built a dual-exhaust port OHV head for their racing department. The OHV-equipped Excelsior "Super-X" became the bike to beat on the race tracks, forcing Indian to hastily develop their own OHV heads. After the demise of Excelsior, Mr. Koslo was offered the patterns and rights to his successful heads. In the years after, he offered various versions of these heads to private tuners of both Harley-Davidsons and Indians. 
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