Indian Parts

We have a unique inventory of used Indian parts purchased over 35 years. This page lists a selection, and will be updated from time to time. If there are any specific needs you have, use this information request form located Here!

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Click for larger picture Evact reproduction of the Big Base Model 648 foot spools or foot rests for competition use.$250.00
Click for larger picture A inside view of Prince parts book. $25 
Click for larger picture Reprint of the 1925-1928 Indian Prince motorcycle oarts and picture lists. Black and white diagrams of parts groups. 63 pages of 8x11 inch size. $25 
Click for larger picture another view of the adapter $40 
Click for larger picture Special made pinion adapter to fit all scout pinions and 101's from 1929 to 1945. This allows the chief flywheels to fit the scout bottom end. Brand new 4130 steel. Comes with one key and one adapter. $40 
Click for larger picture New Indian motorcycle, Generator cover, all Prince models. $75.00 
Click for larger picture Brand new chainguard for 1926-1928 Prince Indian motorcycles $165 
Click for larger picture one last view of inside of magazine 
Click for larger picture Another view of the inside of magazine 
Click for larger picture This is a view of Not Rods, dry lake racing and Bonneville salt flats with all their speed secrets and big names from 1957. Really a nice historical look at speed equipment and salt flats races and drags in 1957. %6 years old and 142 pages of 7" x 9" size. $75.00 
Click for larger picture This is a NOS pair of Indian 80 decals for your chief. Can be used elsewhere or on a scout? 
Click for larger picture Look at backside of store window decals.$20 
Click for larger picture you are getting two 9" long by 4" wide water slide decals for glass windows. decal goes behind glass. They have a black background, white letters and a red border on the outside. Old stock, paper is fragile, probably best for a collection, although I have used them with patience. $20 
Click for larger picture Inside look at Buzz magazine. $25 
Click for larger picture May 1953 Buzz Motorcycle magazine. Cover shows the 100 mile winner at Daytona and Johnny Miller racing a Norton. 40 pages of motorcycle news and racing results 
Click for larger picture NOS brake light mounting plate for brake light switch, finish is factory correct. $15 Chief or Scout 
Click for larger picture This is a new vinyl sticker for a 1953 Bell Auto Parts lakester from Bonneville, Size is 3" x 4" and cost is $20. 
Click for larger picture Here is a close up PIC of the Left side decal by itself. Price is $20 
Click for larger picture A pair of two decals of the famous Mobil Pegagus horse. You will be getting a Left and a Right decal for $35 or you can buy either a Left or a right for $20 each. Size is a 4" x 4". 
Click for larger picture Inside view of the Indian News magazine $40 
Click for larger picture Indian News magazine, November- December 1947, published by the Indian motorcycle factory, lots of riders and news from around the USA. $40 
Click for larger picture This is a coin purse drom the Welcome Indian Rally held at the Indian Motorcycle Musemn in Sprinfield, Mass. It was held in 1972 and is 41 years old. Makes a nice addition to your Indian motorcycle collection. 
Click for larger picture A random shot of the rest of magazine that the article is in. Paper is in nice shape 
Click for larger picture Here is a 1951 Popular Mechanic magazine with instructions and plans to build a midget racer in your garage or workshop. 264 pages in nice shape slight odor. The article uses an Indian 741 scout engine but any V-twin would work. $40 
Click for larger picture Here is a random photo of the inside of the 1950 Popular Mechanic magazine. 296 pages all in all together. Pages are a 6" x 9" format. 
Click for larger picture Here is a popular mechanics book from 1950 that explsins making a 3/4 midget racer using an Indian 741 engine for a hobby or competition. Nice sape, slight odor, and lots of other useful projects for the home hobbyist. $40 
Click for larger picture The other two prints 
Click for larger picture An inside look at the program, lots of good info. 
Click for larger picture You are getting 3 different photo prints of the tack and a crash at the track. This was located close to Pottstown, Pa. Also you are getting a copy of a race program from the track. $50 
Click for larger picture Here we have a NOS pair of brake lining for chief , made by the Ravbestos Co., Linings are 1 1/2" wide come with rivets. $60 
Click for larger picture Here is an inside photo of a few pages from the inside. 
Click for larger picture Back in 1966 or 67, Sam Pierce decided to create some 45 ci scouts from his parts inventory and offer them for sale with Royal Enfield gas tanks. Quite a few pages in brochure showing the original factory workings. $100.00 
Click for larger picture Back side of decals showing the instructions 
Click for larger picture INDIAN "Warrior" water slide decal. This is an original decal that was used on the 1949 to 1953. New old stock, still in good shape. $60$60.00
Click for larger picture one last PIC of program 
Click for larger picture Inside PIC of 56 langhorne program 
Click for larger picture Here is a 1956 Langhorne national race program, , in poor shape, has gotten wet in past, paper is wrinkled but still readable. $20 photo of cover$20.00
Click for larger picture Vintage bakelite shift knob with a old school paint. Great for a rudtoration or great for any Indian. 3/8- 24 thread. $100.00 
Click for larger picture An inside view of the balance book 
Click for larger picture A complipation of 35 pages about balancing motorcycle engines from S+S, Virtual Indian, Indian Factory mechanical school and more. Loaded with PICS and good articles. $30.00 
Click for larger picture This is a set of 8 3/16 thick cylinder base washers made from 304 stainless steel and designed to spread the torque load over the whole cylinder flange to increase the demands of a "HOT" engine. Designed by ny father. $50.00 
Click for larger picture Another view of rear hub repair 
Click for larger picture This is a weld on sprocket drive repair section to be used on all scout, 741 and junior scout rear wheels. Directions included or can be sentr here and let me repair your wheel. $100.00 
Click for larger picture 1957 Bonneville Nationals Isky cams event sticker, vinyl 2x2" RARE. $20.00$20.00
Click for larger picture close up of coloring on decal 19 
Click for larger picture multi color head dress water slide tank decals 4 1/2"x 11" water slide paper decals. Old style 1930's gas tank coloring. Color is off a little from originals but real close. Free Shipping in USA. $80.00$80.00
Click for larger picture Close up of detail on red face head dress decal 
Click for larger picture Indian Head Dress water slide decal. Red face , 4"x10" in size, sold as a pair of two Left and right hand. Water slide ddecals, NOT VINYL. Perfect for your gas tanks on chiefs, scouts and fours. Free Shipping in USA. $65.00$65.00
Click for larger picture back side of Indian script decals 
Click for larger picture Indian script water slide decals, can be used on any model, probably first used on vertical twins. Can be cleared over. These are NOT VINYL. About 7 inches long, gold with red outline, sold as a pair of two. Free shipping in USA. $35.00$35.00
Click for larger picture Rear view of Pierce shirt 
Click for larger picture A 100 % correct reproduction of Gary Compasso's, Idaho, 1967 original Pierce T-shirt. Comes in White or ash Gray as shown. This is front side. FREE SHIPPING IN USA, International shipping slightly higher $20.00$20.00
Click for larger picture And the back side as well. 
Click for larger picture Be a proud owner of an original Dream Catcher racing t shirt and support our effort to go to Bonneville this year. $25 , with FREE SHIPPING$25.00
Click for larger picture Here is a motorcycle sized license plate of our favorite marque, The Indian, comes with an autograph on back and painted as shown. Be a proud sponsor of our trip in 2011 $50.00
Click for larger picture Two NOS water slide decals, Flying Indian, might be bicycle or motorcycle, Nice old time stuff. Sold as decorations only. Shipping is $3$30.00
Click for larger picture Two Old time Indian Arrow water slide decals, maybe nicycle? motorcycle? mayber for supporting the land speed attempt with the Indian Arrow strealiner in 1938. $3 for shipping$30.00
Click for larger picture Back side of 2011 shirt$25.00
Click for larger picture Here is our new shirt design for BUB 2011, come in M,L,XL, 2XL. Shipping is included in the shirt price of $25. Gray short sleeve printed on front and back. Front side here$25.00
Click for larger picture This set of 4 new St Stl 303 shafts with nuts and lockwashers is not an original Indian part to fit all Indian motorcycle Junior Scouts from 1933 to 1939 but rather is a new part. May also fit the 1940 junior scout as well. $90 $90.00
Click for larger picture November, 1935 issue of motorocylist magazine, cover is loose., lots o good photos and info into early motorcycle racing$30.00
Click for larger picture This 1950's Johnson Motors water slide decal is an not original Indian part to fit all Indian motorcycles. However they sold Indians, Triumph and Ariels back in the 1950's and sponsored a lot of racers$35.00
Click for larger picture 1957 Bonneville Nationals Vinyl sticker, looks great anywhere $20$20.00
Click for larger picture New vinyl transfers on the early 1930's scout on horseback Indian Motorcycle design. Size is 4 x 6, pair of Land Right hand for gas tanks.$24.00
Click for larger picture This is a copy of an original race photo showing Smiling Jack DuPont riding the Murdaugh SV Indian entry of the day as he sets a course record, both bike and rider are from the West Chester, pa. area$10.00
Click for larger picture This is a copy of a 1947 Laconia 100 mile press photo posed at the race track, Clem murdaugh of West Cherster is astride his entry for the day.$10.00
Click for larger picture 8x11 color photo of Larry Welch and his rocket bike, autographed to me by larry himself, some water damage at bottom, He rode the Routt double engine triumph to a world final record winner and also campaigned a fuel sportster in the 70's as well before the Professor pirated a rocket engine from am unknown source. $100 $100.00
Click for larger picture 50 degree Thausman and Lodge magneto as used on most likely a Vincent, make your Indian 50 degrees and let the cylinders splayed out like others before. Item is spare magneto from the Murdaugh/Smith dry lakes bike, $750$750.00
Click for larger picture Indian Prince Rubber foot pegs, new rubber only, $75$75.00
Click for larger picture Magneto Manual 224- Edison Splitdrf Dealers 3 ring binder- $100 shipped world wide- Printed copy of original hard bound 3 ring biner Edison dealer parts book, listing models, RM and model S Edison magnetos as used on Indian Motorcycles, show good illustrations and parts drawings. Over 100 pages double sided. Comes with covers and spiral bound,Buyer will have their name added to our contribution page. $35 
Click for larger picture Drilling oversize brake shoe linings for 36 Indian chief, After drilling we will rivet the linings to the shoes and finish up by grinding the OD to fit the newly surfaced drums 
Click for larger picture We are pleased to announce that we will now begin to turn Indian brske drums using Clem Murdaugh's old brake lathe. Turning the drums to an oversize will run about $30 a wheel. We will also be able to turn the druns without taking the wheel apart. As an extra we are briging Clem's brake shoe grinder out of the shelves and will be able to reline your shoes with a modern new lining from Scan Trak and grind them on our fixtures ti fit your new drum sizefro an additional charge. Watch for future postings 
Click for larger picture These pistons can be used for Power Plus engines that need standard size pistons or that have been resleeved to 3.125. The wrist pin needs to have a bushing made to capture the stock 5/8 inch wrist pin. $125$125.00
Click for larger picture Original Indian handlebar hi beam lo beam switch. Good working order $50$50.00
Click for larger picture Nice clutch basket for magneto equipped sport scout and scout models from 1934 to 1948 . Comes with trans bearing and lock nut $125$125.00
Click for larger picture Here is a group of 5 photos from the Reading Fairgrounds MC races for the 1950 race. Shows my father being blackballed for taking too long to start the #40 Kelly Indian. $20$20.00
Click for larger picture Now offering a new manufactured part for your aluminum oil pump to run a tach cable for your racer or street bobber. This longer shaft takes the place of stock shaft in pump to drive cable adapter as on 648 big base scouts. $125$125.00
Click for larger picture Stroker pistons to make your scout have 57 ci using chief flywheels. Brand new old stock. avaibable in +.030, +.040, +.050, +.060, +.075 over size. You get a pair of pistons, domed for use with Bonneville heads or stock heads, ewp ins, 4 clips and two complete sets of rings. This special set of pistons allows the rider to increase his engine size without adding stroker plates under the cylinders, which is a sure give way that the engine has beem leaned on or the use of intake port extensions which create intake leaks which are no fun. So with these pistons a builder can keep the stock look on the outside with a stroker on the inside.$260.00
Click for larger picture Here's a close up of our weld repair 
Click for larger picture Here you can see how well the War path 4 cam cover matches up to the War Path engine cases. Looks almost better than Springfields. This cover allows the use of either the iron oil pump or the aluminum oil pump. Can be machined down in thickness to fit stock cam lobes $200$200.00
Click for larger picture This is a new part produced from 8620 steel, heat treated and ground to replace the pinion race to a chief/648 style for scouts, 648 big base engines and War Path engines. This allows the crank races to be honed in line. Requires a small milling operation to be installed in stock scout cases. $100$100.00
Click for larger picture Here is a set of 4 new shafts with new lockwashers and nuts , all stainless steel components and all threads were single point threaded for the best product. Will fit all Prince models from 1925 to 1929. We used 316 stainless steel for its durability and finish $99 
Click for larger picture Indian name plate comes with autograph on back side$50.00
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