I would like to thank everyone who  has believed in catching my dream and supported me with a financial contribution  over the years. By doing so, you  have supported our  effort to put "Indian" back in the LSR record books, right up next to Burt  Munro. If I have an error or left out some one or something, please let me  know.   If you feel you would like to be part of the "Dream Catcher" project and contribute financially you may do so by sending a donation thru Paypal® using this email address:
 or you can send a check or cash to:
Rick Dillinger -- P.O. Box 231 -- Glenmoore, PA 19343 -- USA
For those people who want to contribute but are unable, we can still use well wishes to keep the "Dream Catcher" spirit alive.

3/28/2011Mike WenclMike Wencl purchased our new fire suppression system for 2011 BUB FROM HIS OWN POCKET, What a cool guy. Thanks, Mike It is priceless$1,000.00
6/3/2009Vin MelloBought a poster on 2-9 and is from Fredericksburg, VA$15.00
6/3/2009Curt MillerBought two posters on 2-18 and is from Kalamzoo, MI$20.00
6/3/2009Vincent melloIs from fredericksburg, Va and bought a poster on February 2$15.00
6/3/2009Guy MobbleyFrom Reedsport, OR and bought a poster on 3-28$10.00
6/3/2009Gunner MartineFrom weinheim, Germany and bought two shirts on 4-8$40.00
6/3/2009Gunter Martinefrom Weinheim , Germany and bought a shirt$20.00
12/26/2008Lesa McMillan is from Clearwater, FL bought a poster$25.00
11/27/2008Paola MeloniFrom Firenze, Italy and bought a poster$11.00
10/18/2008Mark Mosesbought 3 posters and is from Shelby, NC$32.00
9/20/2008Robin MarkeyBought a T shirt and is from Etters, Pa.$20.00
9/20/2008KIWI MikeMade a cash donation and spent three days with us on road to Bonneville and at Bonneville to see if we needed any parts or help$200.00
9/20/2008Bill MillerBought a T-shirt and is from Perrysburg, Ohio$20.00
9/20/2008Aaron MohrFrom Clinton, IA and bought a shirt$20.00
8/23/2008Gary MaucherBought a set of Indian racing footpegs and is from Ivyland, Pa.$300.00
5/6/2008Gary MaskellFrom Victoria, Australia and bought a poster$15.00
3/18/2008Sante MazzaBought a poster and is from Italy$17.00
3/18/2008Bob MorillFrom Spokane, Wash and bought a book$50.00
2/27/2008Fred MasseMade a cash donation and rides an Indian chief in France$100.00
2/9/2008Kris MillerBought an Indian Racing air cleaner and is from Rossford, Ohio, Thanks$135.00
2/2/2008Holger MayBought a speedometer book and is from Lorsch, Germany$30.00
12/28/2007Holger MayBought a poster , from Lorsch, Germany$128.00
12/19/2007Robert MerzBought a poster and is from Nuglar, Switzerland$12.00
12/10/2007Robert MullanBought a poster and is from Maryland$23.00
11/3/2007Lothar Mootz a friend from Germany, purchased a poster$13.00
1/4/2007Doug MillerWent to Canada and retreived an AOD trans for bus and packed it to ship to me, priceless$200.00

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