I would like to thank everyone who  has believed in catching my dream and supported me with a financial contribution  over the years. By doing so, you  have supported our  effort to put "Indian" back in the LSR record books, right up next to Burt  Munro. If I have an error or left out some one or something, please let me  know.   If you feel you would like to be part of the "Dream Catcher" project and contribute financially you may do so by sending a donation thru Paypal® using this email address:
 or you can send a check or cash to:
Rick Dillinger -- P.O. Box 231 -- Glenmoore, PA 19343 -- USA
For those people who want to contribute but are unable, we can still use well wishes to keep the "Dream Catcher" spirit alive.

6/3/2009Todd FriendBought a shirt on 3-20 and is from Wichita, KS$20.00
6/3/2009Larry FosterBought an manual back on Januart 28 and is from Burlington, NC$50.00
11/27/2008Luis FreixoBought a set of Indian rubbers and is from Portugal$50.00
10/18/2008Matt FonkBought a poster and is from Tampa, florida$10.00
10/5/2008Dave Frostaka "Frosty" on the JJ board, donated a rear wheel brake rotor for our new 4 piston set up. He is from Hammond, Indianna$50.00
9/20/2008Red FredBought a shirt and is from San Francisco, CA$20.00
9/20/2008Nanette FosterBought a shirt and is from Rock Island, IL$20.00
9/20/2008Mike FosterBought a shirt and is from Rock Island, IL$20.00
9/20/2008John FinholmBought a shirt and is from Finland$20.00
8/10/2008Jason FernsBought a poster and is from Essex, United Kingdom$10.00
7/13/2008Florian FaltinBought a poster and is from Wien, Austria$16.00
6/4/2008Michael FieldBought an Indian Racing Air horn and is from Vergennes, Vermont$145.00
5/20/2008Michael FieldBought a poster and is from Vergennes, VT$10.00
4/20/2008Josef FryerCash Donation and is from Dover, MA $100.00
3/6/2008Michael FieldBought a poster and is from Vergennes, Vermont$10.00
1/31/2008Dave FerencikBought a poster and is from Foxboro, MA$22.00
11/16/2007Robert FronkBought two posters$20.00

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