I would like to thank everyone who  has believed in catching my dream and supported me with a financial contribution  over the years. By doing so, you  have supported our  effort to put "Indian" back in the LSR record books, right up next to Burt  Munro. If I have an error or left out some one or something, please let me  know.   If you feel you would like to be part of the "Dream Catcher" project and contribute financially you may do so by sending a donation thru Paypal® using this email address:
 or you can send a check or cash to:
Rick Dillinger -- P.O. Box 231 -- Glenmoore, PA 19343 -- USA
For those people who want to contribute but are unable, we can still use well wishes to keep the "Dream Catcher" spirit alive.

4/19/2011Bob ChantlandBob Chantland donated a $100 cash on August 29, 2010. He lives in Montrose, MN and Thanks again, Rocky$100.00
6/3/2009Jeffrey BullockIs from Yorktown, VA and bought a poster on Januray 24 $14.00
6/3/2009George BartuseviciusIs from Vilinus, Lithuania and bought a poster on 2-13$12.00
6/3/2009Larry BaumbachBought a poster on 5-5 and is from Middletown, Pa$11.00
6/3/2009kelly BowthorpeBought a poster on 3-12 and is from Salt Lake City, UT$11.00
6/3/2009Joseph BoculiFrom Langhorne, Pa and bought a poster on 5-14$10.00
1/22/2009Cay BrondumDesigned a new shirt for 2009 and is from Copenhagen, Denmark, Thanks$500.00
12/26/2008Anne BrandonFrom pepperell, Ma and bought a poster$10.00
12/26/2008Tore Bergis from Vennesla, Norway and bought a poster$10.00
9/20/2008Brett BlakeBought a shirt and is from Dell Rapids, SD$20.00
9/20/2008Bave BryanBought a shirt and us from Green Bay, WI$20.00
9/20/2008Lil Bill CurdanFrom Glendale Hts, Il and bought a shirt$20.00
8/23/2008Chris BakerBought a Daytona license plate topper and is from Jupiter, Florida$75.00
7/27/2008Max BubeckDonated $100 and holds the fastest chout land speed record from 1947. Is from Palm Springs, California$100.00
6/28/2008Piet BorsboomBought two posters and is from Breda, Netherlands$41.00
6/4/2008Michael BlairBought a T-shirt and is from Geneva, NE$25.00
5/25/2008Joe BoteBought 2 t-shirts and is from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada$50.00
4/20/2008Kenneth BuranBought a poster and is from Hampden, MA$10.00
2/5/2008David BellBought 3 posters and is from Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia$35.00
12/26/2007Joe BoteBought two posters, from Saskatchewan, Canada$20.00
12/10/2007Barb BrewerBought a poster and from Illinois$12.00
12/10/2007Michael BourbeauBought a poster, Bow, NH$30.00
11/27/2007David BellBought a poster and is from Australia$10.00
11/27/2007Joe BoteBought a poster$10.00
11/2/2007Doug BrownBought a poster$10.00
10/20/2007Ken BurtonCash$20.00
7/7/2005Barry BrownMade and donated Koslow OHV decals for cockpit$100.00

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